S a u d i z a t i o n
This project is done for Riyadh chamber of commerce with the aim to study the actual needs and requirement of the industrial sector from Saudi labor force, and the required qualifications of the Saudi citizens who are supposed to join the sector, the study examined the ways and means of how to conform and harmonize between the requirement of the sector and the implementation of the saudization policies and programs without harming the interest of any party. On completion of this project the chamber of commerce and industry awarded us another project of methodology of saudization in the commercial sector. Which is now at the final stages with the goal to set up a gradum methodology of saudization that leads to full saudization of the sector at long term and keeping the interest of businessmen through comprosing of the interst of all involved parties, I.E the business, the labor force, policy makers the Saudi candidates who are looking for job?

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