The Group is characterized by its diversified activities. This diversification in the activities and specialization in various fields reflects the stages of its development. It is a family group owned by the Two Brothers – Ali Al Awaji and Ibrahim Mohammed Al Awaji. 

It was established before more than forty years during which the group activities were developing according to the Economic and Administration changes that took place in the Kingdom. 

Al Awaji Holding Company is the mother and head pyramid company for all other sister concerns which deal in different fields extended from Trade, Industries, Agriculture, Manpower Management, Information Technology, Parcels Transportation and Storage, Security, Economic Administration Consulting and Translation, in addition to Oil services and Contracting etc.

This diversification and comprehensive activities of the group was shown clearly by the big size of its labour force that exceeds 6,600 employees, and it is in progressive increase to cope with the rapid expansion in the activities, so as to satisfy the increasing needs and requirement of the valued customers who spread all over the Kingdom. The group is pleased with what have been done in the past and what is going on to its customers, now it is looking forward to introduce new services and valued consulting advises to the customers who already satisfied the present ones.

Therefore Dear User/Visitor you are highly welcomed to join the group of our customers, and waiting for contacting one of our companies to introduce to you all new and valuable ideas which will effectively contribute in developing your business in various fields.



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