Economic and Management Consultancy Centre (EMCC)

The Economic and Management Consultancy Centre has been established and headed by H.E. Dr. Ibrahim Bin Mohammed Al Awaji, jointly with a group of elite of specialists in the fields of Management, Finance and Economic to provide a new pattern and distinct indigenous expertise capable of providing solutions that combine both the renewal of concepts which is its philosophy and methodology and the relevant academic experience in addition to keeping abreast of contemporary developments in economics and management world and the universal knowledge of the circumstances and reality of its society, and hence EMCC advisory and services are more rational than those solutions derived from theoretical knowledge that lack adaptation with local prevailing circumstances and considerations.

The above basis underlies the distinction of EMCC in providing Economic, Finance, Management Regulatory, Organizational, Procedural and Executive experiences, which are not confined to the field of government relation but also in upgrading and improving the performance of the private sector institution where the EMCC has value added and distinguished experience in the field of Information Systems, Training and Saudization.



Dar Al Khibrah Translation Centre

Dar Al Khibrah has established a centre for a Certified Translation from and to all common languages in today’s world. This centre is considered as one of the pioneer firms in the translation field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The centre was conducted and executed many translation projects skillfully and with high profession and quality. These works gained the satisfaction of all clients dealing with centre; here are some of the projects done by the centre:

  1. Restructure and Budgets of Saudi Telecom Company
  2. Saudi Telecom Project of Opening Balances deliverable for two years in collaboration with Price Water House Coopers which is a worldwide pioneer company in privatization.
  3. Many work contracts, Bank Projects and Financial Plans.
  4. Many Feasibility Studies for some of the Private Sector Firms.


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