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The plant has been designed to recover Residual Fuel Oil   (RFO) from pitch in the pitch pond, which is spread across the  Bahrain refinery. The design capacity of the plant is 2000MT/day  RFO, but the current operating capacity is about 800 MT/day, The  process consists of following steps :
1. Heating the pitch in the pitch pond to above pour point and pumping of pitch oil from the pond in to kettles.
2. Blending of hot pitch with a cutter stock (LVGO) along with a blending additive.
3. Filtration and sludge Removal.
4. Storage of RFO and transportation to jetty in tank trucks.
Pitch oil is withdrawn in the form of liquid by pumps. It is a viscous, semisolid and micro-porous fluid, which starts melting above 65o C. For ease of pumping an increasing flowability, it is heated in the pitch pond by using thermal radiators at the mouth of the suction pipe of the pumps. The pump delivers pitch in to the reaction kettles.
There are 14 Reaction Kettles for processing. The operation is essentially a batch process in which about 8 MT of molten pitch is taken in reaction kettle and heated up to 85o C. When the charge is homogeneous a blending/stabilizing additive of desired dosage is added under constant agitation. Required quantity of diluent (LVGO) is mixed at this stage to set the desired viscosity and density. Agitation and heating continues up to 102o C still the final blend becomes homogeneous and the sample passes the QC test.
It is then transferred to intermediate storage tank and filtered through a 300-micron size filter.  It is then cooled in a heat exchanger before being sent to Finished Product Storage Tanks.
The company own a fully equipped jetty where end products are shipped.
Blending Procedure
1. Take pitch of 8 MT in the Kettles.
2. Incase the pitch is cold, start agitation when temperatures is 65-70oC
3. Heat the pitch up to 85oC, under agitation.
4. Before 85oC, add additive of required dosage under constant agitation.
5. Once the temperature reaches 85oC, add LVGO as epr the ratio 45:55.
6. After addition of LVGO heat the mass up to 102oC under constant agitation.
7. At the end operation, test sample for density, viscosity and water content.
8. Transfer the batch to intermediate tank.

Arabian Information Company (InfoArabia) a subsidiary of AHC was incepted in late 2000 to enhance the ability to deliver and apply advanced information technology solutions for clients in Arabia.
InfoArabia caters to diverse business industry verticals through differentiated products and service offerings. The renowned success of InfoArabia has been largely attributed by translating customer needs into the proper technology implementation. InfoArabia has a very impressive customer base which it takes pride in serving.
InfoArabia supports the following services:
  • Software Solutions Development
  • Software Testing & Quality Assurance Services Information Systems Security Services.
  • Management Consultancy Services.
  • Information Security Solutions:
    • Risk Management.
    • Business Continuity.
    • Information Security Management.
    • Intrusion Detection.
    • Information Security Audits.
  • Security Policies & Procedures.
  • Outsourcing
  • Quality Assurance (structured reviews, inspections, audits, walkthroughs)
  • Testing (functional, usability, system, user acceptance, performance etc)
  • Test Automation - Rational
  • Procedure writing
  • User Training
 Performance and Automation Testing Services including:
  • Black box Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • System Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Sanity Testing
  • Regression Testing (Automated) Acceptance Testing
  • Automated Performance (Load/Stress) Testing
  • Contention Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • User acceptance Testing (UAT)


Metrofile International was established in South Africa. It has gained a wealth of experience since its inception in 1984 and has expanded to Europe and the Middle East. Our commitment to quality and precision helps customers to reduce costs and improve the productivity of their document-centric processes.

Metrofile (KSA) Saudi Arabia was established in 2005 to provide leadership in the archiving and information management industry in Saudi Arabia. It designs and implements solutions across the full information life-cycle at every level of technology.


Our solutions for records and information storage and management are designed to allow our customers to focus on their core competencies. The concept of outsourcing information management provides business organizations real opportunities to maximize information safety, security and confidentiality; optimize efficiency, in addition to its vast effect of cutting cost.

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