Business Services Division
Khalda Group commenced its trade and contracting business more than 20 years back when we developed our Operation and Human Resources Division (OHRD) to provide such service for business organizations. Since its early start the (OHRD) forms it objectives and services providing vision in well-matched with the continuance development of different business sectors.
It was just a very limited start for (OHRD) commenced in 1987 G as the first specialized service provider which has been developed currently to be one of the most active experienced and flexible services provider across the Saudi Arabian market.
Developing our vision for Business Services
The aspect which we have uniquely developed is passed over that regular services providing for business organizations (i.e. providing human resources or operation and administrative service…) to become operational and administrative solutions and provide integral service programs basically strive for cooperating with the business organizations to achieve one of the most important business issues which considerably effects the forming of organization goal it's the issue of:
Efficiency maximization against cost minimization
Through this aspect we formed our business relationship to be
Our customers… Are our partners
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