The Group was established with a purpose to provide comprehensive Security Consult and Services to clients who desire to avail unique services and have effective Security Programs. It is chaired by Mr. Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Al Awaji.
The Group is looking to the security as a comprehensive Interacted Unit. It is not enough to have trained security-men or modern technology or effective information system because the non-connection of these elements may result in serious security defects that may lead to bad damage in the firm special operations.
The Group is aware of its role to provide the best qualified people in order to achieve the clients requirements. The high executives of the Group are working hard to provide all unique experience to their clients in the form of security consult. Each affiliate of the group is working independently so as to give quick response to its clients changing requirements and to have the flexibility to provide the clients security requirement at short and long term agreements.
Al Awaji Security Group comprises of
Alkon Security Consult
It was established with purpose to give end users of security services an opportunity to have professional representation in their quest for effective security programs.
Alkon perceives security as an integrated and interactive overall process, however while training of security men, and utilization of latest security technology and tight information system is important nevertheless non-integration of these elements for achievement of the comprehensive security leads to security gaps that resulted in deficiency in operations of the entity or the system.
The company was established to provide comprehensive In and Out Protection to firms using all available sources including the human sources and the Safety and Security Equipments or Electronic and Computer Systems. The security understanding is extended to include the safety measures to deal with fire, emergency cases, occupational hazards and chemical and rays leakages. The company is aware that the client firm is a unified connected unit and it is a must to provide them with an effective comprehensive security system for all elements such as Information, Building, Properties and Staff Members.
Safety And Security Establishment
Safety and Security Establishment, a major player and leader in the field of safety and security services, The Company was organized primarily to provide tight safety and security services all over the Kingdom and within the scope of assignments. The legal authority was sanctioned under the license issued by Saudi Arabian Government under the General Security Permit No. (41). the company is equipped for providing its client as per their requirement the needed personnel to cover all their sites with the right persons to control and submit best safety and security services.
Arabian Las Establishment
It was established in early 1987 as a General Construction Co. The activities of Arabian Las range from:
1. Steel Buildings and Steel Ballistic Doors
  • Fabrication of bullet and explosion resistant doors
2. Security Access Systems
3. Electro Mechanical:
  • Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical Works (Domestic and Industrial)
4. Telecom Projects:
  • GSM Tower Installation
  • Civil works for GSM sites
5.       Renovation Works:
  • Certified Contractors by Arab National Bank and United States Military Training Mission (USMTM).
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